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Welcome to the Alliance of Site Specific Providers (ASSP). We are a nonprofit organization focused on obtaining useful information for all working professionals in the precision agriculture industry. With all the different forms technologies, software, and new practices our goal is to share in the information needed to effectively use these technologies. We need to work together to stay informed for our customers.

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This is the heart of our organization, below is an organized list of information that will allow you to find the information needed to effectivly execute the applications of various precision monitors, software, and technologies. We all run into issues out in the field and by joining our group you will have access to this information with a click of button, Join Today.


Farmworks Kinze TeeJet
AgLeader Technologies /AutoFarm Flexi Coil Pioneer Topcon
CNH GK Technology Precision Planting Trimble
Dickey John John Deere

Precision Planting
Product Product Image Version Firmware Download Manuals & Instructions
Demo Video Tutorials Max Card
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File Format FAQ's

20/20 SeedSense®


Need to have 20/20 RowFlow for VRT

Owners Manual


20/20 Simulator Download



Shape Files


> 250


>=10,000 Poloygons